The Ultimate Guide to Changing Culture

Either you will manage your culture or it will manage you.

That’s the key premise of Change the Culture, Change the Game: The Breakthrough Strategy for Energizing Your Organization and Creating Accountability for Results, written by Partners In Leadership co-founders Roger Connors and Tom Smith.

Unlike traditional management books, Change the Culture, Change the Game doesn’t rely on business buzzwords to paint eloquent, but vague portraits of management best practices. Rather, the book describes tangible, realistic steps for facilitating lasting change and achieving better business results.

Think of it as more of a practical guide than a litany of leadership tips.

Building on the insights outlined in the New York Times bestseller The Oz Principle, written by Connors, Smith, and colleague Craig Hickman, Change The Culture, Change the Game critically examines culture as the way people think and act within an organization. Connors and Smith clarify that your culture can work for or against you, painting vivid pictures of both possible outcomes with real-world case studies assembled from decades of work in culture management.

Focusing primarily on how to build cultures that work for you, Connors and Smith waste no time detailing the tenets of The Results Pyramid®, a proven model of human behavior designed to enact cultural change within organizations large and small.

The model demonstrates that employees’ daily experiences shape their beliefs, these beliefs inform their actions, which in turn produce results. Taken together, employees’ experiences, beliefs, and actions form a company’s culture.

Therefore, healthy, intentional experiences—expressing gratitude for putting in extra hours at the office to meet a deadline, or dropping by a cubicle to touch base, for instance—promote a positive workplace culture. Adverse experiences do exactly the opposite.

It’s a simple formula that, if followed effectively, empowers you to position your company for sustained success.

You can learn more about this powerful book on culture transformation in the executive summary for Change the Culture, Change the Game.

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