Making Culture Work During M&A

Mergers and acquisitions create atmospheres of intensity and urgency, with leaders from both organizations laser-focused on financials. You must anticipate and plan for the merging of two cultures.

How do I maintain culture when merging two companies during M&A?

Plan for Culture Clash

  • Locate and focus on the areas where the most commonality exists between two corporate cultures
  • Craft strategic cultural alignment — not a “wait & see” approach
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Create New Beliefs

  • The merger and acquisition creates a host of new experiences for your people
  • Draft new, shared beliefs based on the results you need: employee retention and other key results
  • Sustain a corporate culture of shared beliefs
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Own the Story

  • Having a core story that motivates the merged workforce (and doesn’t sound like a PR pitch) – during and after M&A can be the seed for a new season of accountability and process change
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revenue from healthcare M&A activity in the second quarter of 2022 broke the record, according to KPMG.

60 %

of executives surveyed in a 2022 Deloitte study expect M&A volume to increase or stay the same in the coming year.

Over 20 %

of corporate mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve investor expectations.


A new intentional culture of shared beliefs will stabilize M&A.

Thrive through the culture build by creating positive experiences and alignment.

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