Increase and Sustain Your Employee Retention

Preventing attrition requires meaningful employee engagement. Create positive employee experiences and a strategy based on truly comprehending their needs for career growth

Create Transparency

  • Listen to employee experiences and build in opportunities for active listening
  • Prioritize employee feedback and accountability rather than review and blame
  • Make way for the negative stories as well as positive ones: a career-growth focus can shift a culture of employee burnout
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Empower with Accountability

  • Craft, clarify, and communicate clear financial results: a “same page” for your employees to motivate around
  • Formalize career growth with regular employee feedback opportunities that engage your people to own results through shared beliefs
  • Recognize employee wins — create meaningful ways to feature success stories across the organization
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Create a Culture of Growth

  • Focus on results across teams and keep connecting with employee experiences without defensiveness
  • Experiences and employee feedback processes should, for the most part, reflect your organization’s beliefs in a healthy workplace culture
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Embrace Flexibility

  • Acknowledge resistance to change: even your own (it’s human nature)
  • When you pick up on employee burnout or quiet quitting, dive into what’s working and what’s not
  • What worked before might be revised or replaced by something more aligned with what your employees need from a culture of growth — for example, letting go of the standard performance review in favor of ongoing feedback exchanges
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5 %

of employees have stated they felt burnout “often” or “always” in a 2020 Gallup poll.

50000 hours

the average time spent at work during one lifetime.

20 %

of 3,400 workers surveyed in 2022 by the Workforce Institute at UKG experienced work-related stress.


Strengthen culture, ensure retention.

Research shows overwhelmingly that a strong workplace culture leads to greater job satisfaction, work/life experience, and less turnover.

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