Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OGE) Puts Safety First — and Drives Results


Operating within an industry with eight times the fatality rate of others, OGE leadership knew that a reduction in Reportable Safety Incidents (RSI) would not only boost employee morale and organizational culture, but could also potentially add millions of dollars to their bottom line. 

The challenge: how to make 3,000 employees take accountability for safety, reducing unsafe incidents year after year?


“We developed our belief statement, ‘Live Safely,’ and that led us to create and develop experiences that supported an Incident and Injury-Free Culture,” said Jerrod Moser, OGE’s Director of Health and Safety.

By making an “incident and injury-free culture” a key result, OGE set a high bar that every individual on every team held themselves to accountability. It wasn’t: “I reduce the number of safety hazards or incidents.” Accountability, for OGE, meant owning an injury-free workplace.

Change didn’t happen overnight. It took repetition and work to instill the belief that “live safely” was much more than a responsibility, but a reality that everyone at OGE owned with accountability.


50% reduction in safety incidents.

20% increase in customer satisfaction.

3x share value.

“The culture of we have built today is thanks in large part to our work on accountability…from every member, every moment of every day, at work and at home.” —Jerrod Moser, Director of Health and Safety, OGE

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