Moving a Swaggering Stagnant Sales Culture: One International Retailer’s Success


Let’s talk about a not uncommon problem in sales: when swagger becomes stagnancy.

At the time they engaged us, leadership at this international retailer reported that their sales region was performing at 147% to quota.

The sales culture? Let’s just say the could be most politely described as supremely confident.


Sometimes confidence is its own psychological trap in sales. When sales targets are hit, a belief of “Why should I aim higher than my goal” can set in when growth could be pursued.

Within months of working on accountability with this team where they saw and owned that their own confidence had actually become a negative belief holding them back, they began to solve for the problem by creating new beliefs. Morale shifted. Stagnancy broke apart.


Performance rose to 314% over objectives. As a result, this retailer rolled out the Culture Equation Journey to all their stores.

Accountability empowered the sales region to step out of their too-comfortable zone and embrace new challenge. The culture shift in sales shifted the entire company.

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