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In her keynotes, Dr. Kriegel focuses on how everyone plays a role in co-creating culture to achieve strategic business results.

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Building a Culture That Wins During a Recession

Like most leaders, you’re feeling the weight of a looming recession. You’re making plans to weather the storm if and when it comes. While your instinct may be to batten down the hatches, it may be the wrong path. During the Great Recession, leaders who found balance between spending too much or not enough were the ones who not only survived but thrived.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how these organizations found balance, and how you can find it, too. Leaning into culture is key to your performance, not just during a recession, but long term.

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Key Factors That Determine Culture Strength

The strength of your culture directly impacts the overall health of your organization. Culture is an integral part of your success, so you must measure its progress and impact.

After conducting years worth of research, we have determined the top areas on which you should focus to improve the strength of your organization’s culture by 62%.

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What our clients say

Jessica was the highest-rated speaker at our annual conference. She rocked the house!
Kevin Oakes, CEO of I4CP
Jessica gave an incredible keynote. She knocked it out of the park! She was referenced so many times throughout the rest of the program and was such a key part of the success of our event.
Penny Goldsberry Meeting Planner and Founder, Event One Meetings
Jessica is an inspiring presenter who truly understands the importance of culture and how it enables execution of strategy. She spent significant time studying our business plan, learning about our culture and then pulling it all together for the partnership. Jessica projects confidence but with a heavy dose of authenticity.
Colin Murray CEO of NA Region, Baker & McKenzie