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This multi-year partnership is a complete culture management solution focused on delivering business and personal growth. Activate and inspire your entire organization to deliver a sustained, measurable impact guided by a comprehensive culture plan.

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Outline your transformation by defining, aligning, and activating

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Foundations Track

Define the results needed and the beliefs to drive your culture

Accountability Track icon

Accountability Track

Empower teams to deliver results and optimize how to get there

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Accountability for Leaders

Ignite leaders to embrace their role in creating the right culture

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Leader Integration

Reinforce and model culture principles through leadership

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Quarterly Culture Reviews

Review ongoing progress and feedback on our partnership

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Access resources and tools you need to maintain your culture

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Learning Platform

Provide training anytime, anywhere to help you scale

From Our Clients

Never underestimate the impact of culture on performance. Since introducing and institutionalizing our Cultural Beliefs throughout Novelis, we have seen record-breaking financial and operational results quarter after quarter. There is no doubt that these two things are inextricably linked.

- Joanne McInnerney, Ph.D., Vice President, Human Resources, Novelis

Great cultures provide:

Culture is human

Developed over three decades, our methods use human psychology principles to create great experiences. These people-first frameworks are easy to follow and deliver meaningful results.

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