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Culture Partners Acquires The Culture Equation

Appoints Founder, Dr. Jessica Kriegel, Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture

Culture Partners, a leader in results-driven culture transformation for thousands of organizations globally, announced today that Dr. Jessica Kriegel, a highly recognized innovator, consultant, and thought leader on “quantifying workplace culture,” has been named Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture upon the acquisition of Kriegel’s The Culture EquationTM. In mutual alignment with Culture Partners’ 30+ year track record of building results-driven cultures Kriegel will join the team to accelerate and innovate the reach and impact of Culture Partners’ consulting approach that’s proven to accelerate performance and optimize business results.

“Jessica has been a powerful force in the workplace culture arena, applying data-driven insights by aligning culture and strategy to help businesses and people reach their full potential and drive world-class results,” said Joe Terry, CEO of Culture Partners. “Her experience and passionate voice for enhancing an organization’s culture journey, combined with our proven track record of activating performance-driven cultures, is an unmatched combination in helping our clients optimize their results.”

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Kriegel has been advancing research-based approaches to creating intentional cultures that accelerate performance for global, national, and Fortune 100 companies. She has applied data-driven insights to quantify workplace metrics that were previously unmeasurable, including employee morale and organizational culture. As a trusted resource to global leaders, Dr. Kriegel has a unique ability to analyze organizations in qualitative and quantitative terms to create measurable company-wide growth. In addition to her consulting background, Kriegel held workplace culture strategy roles at Oracle and


“I am beyond excited to join Culture Partners to help advance and amplify their platform that creates results-driven workplace cultures,” said Kriegel. “Today’s workplace has undergone a seismic shift, and businesses must adapt swiftly to empower people to feel more fulfilled, demonstrate higher productivity, and perform consistently to create sustainable profitability and excellence. Culture Partners continues to be the right solution at the right time for those organizations.”

Since 1989, Culture Partners has played a meaningful role in helping leadership from many of the world’s most recognized organizations unleash the power of their culture through a Culture Journey, a holistic culture management approach to a results-driven culture that delivers lasting impact. The organization’s human industrial-organizational psychological methods have helped the likes of Ford Motor Company, Bayer, Tiffany & Co., Johnson & Johnson, Hormel, Lockheed Martin, and thousands more inspire action by connecting experiences, beliefs, and actions to accelerate success.

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